The evolvement of Sino-Western joint venture negotiation at formation phase : a process study

  • Kuilin Liu

    Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


    This research aims to refine intercultural negotiation theory by providing a holistic picture of the dynamics of the intercultural negotiation process in order to develop a process model of the evolvement of negotiation process, and this is realised by understanding of national negotiation style as a major trigger of the dynamics of negotiation. The negotiation process was conceptualised as a three-stage process: preliminary investigation, business proposal and contract negotiation. Empirically, four qualitative case studies were pursued in a multi-stage data collection process to draw evidence from the Chinese context -specifically via a combination of semi-structured interview and documentation. This study proposes an integrative theoretical framework based on which this study identifies the dynamics constructs and develops a process model (i.e. the evolvement of the Sino-Western joint venture negotiation process). This study contributes to intercultural negotiation literature by extending Faure's (2000) 4-stage model of Sino-Western joint venture negotiation at the formation phase in specific, which expands our knowledge on international joint venture negotiation and intercultural business negotiation in general. The emphasis on the major Chinese negotiation style which is derived from high-context communication style (etic) and guanxi (emic) at different levels with the local partner / local government / central government provides a strategic perspective and holistic picture on understanding the complexity and evolvement of the Sino-Western joint venture negotiation process in China. Significant practical implications are derived for business practitioners to promote the development and growth of Sino-Western joint venture in particular, as well as international joint venture and as well as international business in general.
    Date of Award1 Oct 2009
    Original languageEnglish
    Awarding Institution
    • University Of Strathclyde
    SupervisorHarry Sminia (Supervisor)

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