Entrepreneurial orientation and marketing capabilities : a study on the performance of small and medium enterprises in the United Kingdom

  • Anastasios Siampos

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


Organisational performance has been the focal point of research for many years. Throughout the development of business studies, marketing has been suggested to play a key role in improving business performance. However, previous studies are inconclusive about the impact of specific organisational phenomena on company's performance. Moreover, some complexities should be considered, like the interrelationships between orientations, marketing capabilities, and competitive positioning.;Building upon the resource-based view of the firm, this study employed a survey to investigate the relationships among entrepreneurial orientation, marketing capabilities (specifically marker sensing capabilities, customer linking capabilities and adaptive marketing capabilities), competitive positioning and organisational performance. A scale was developed regarding a new set of marketing capabilities, namely adaptive marketing capabilities, while 221 completed questionnaires from small and medium UK manufacturing companies were utilised. Further information from secondary sources was collected to complement questionnaire responses regarding objective performance indicators. Eventually the theoretical model was estimated using structural equation modelling.;By explicating the concepts of marketing capabilities and focusing on their explorative and exploitative nature, the study contributes to the theories which support the important role of those outside-in capabilities. Another contribution is the suggestion that an entrepreneurial orientation will create an environment for the development of such capabilities. Out of the three marketing capabilities studied, adaptive marketing capabilities are found to be most important, considering that they affect most performance indicators directly, and indirectly by mediating other relationships.;In this vein, another contribution is the development of a construct to measure them. Meanwhile, analysing the moderating role of the external environment on the relationships between entrepreneurial orientation and performance, and between marketing capabilities and performance, the study contributes to the literature that supports contingency approaches. Finally, the present study employs different performance indicators for assessing marketing functions, which provide more clarity about their role and effects.
Date of Award3 Feb 2020
Original languageEnglish
Awarding Institution
  • University Of Strathclyde
SupervisorSpiros Gounaris (Supervisor) & Juliette Wilson (Supervisor)

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