An examination of value co-creation at the micro level in a healthcare setting : a dyadic approach

  • Kofi Osei-Frimpong

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


The literature on service-dominant logic has highlighted the central role value cocreation plays in enhancing service delivery. Thus, understanding value co-creation is imperative as it presents new opportunities for providers (firms) to create value with patients (customers). A number of studies have focused on the actor activities in the value co-creation process outside the service encounter. Thus, activities put forward by firms to engage customers, and activities observed by consumers to engage with the firm to co-create value. Using a mixed method research design, this thesis explores value co-creation at the micro level between the doctor and the patient in a healthcare setting to further the understanding of actors' differing perceptions of value and key factors that drive value co-creation. The study takes a patient centric view of value from the experiential perspective by examining the service encounter between the doctor and patient in the consulting room. The first study of the sequential design is exploratory and qualitative with results leading to the second study, quantitative research. The qualitative study found three key factors influencing the value co-creation at the micro level that include the social context of the encounter, the beliefs and perceptions of the actors, and the partnership between the doctor and the patient. The findings also suggest the experiential view of value in the healthcare setting. The quantitative study affirmed the importance of these critical areas of the co-creation process and how they impact on the service outcomes that include improved service engagement, improved compliance to medical instructions and perceived value realised. The findings also highlight the effects of actor characteristics on value co-creation. The thesis contributes to the value co-creation literature to further our understanding of the micro level factors influencing value co-creation from the dyadic perspective. The thesis also contributes to the healthcare value literature and contends that value in healthcare extends beyond the economic perspective to the experiential perspective. The study also contributes to the methodological discourse on the application of quantitative approaches to examine value co-creation, and propose a model that have both theoretical and managerial implications.
Date of Award11 Aug 2015
Original languageEnglish
Awarding Institution
  • University Of Strathclyde

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