A decision support system for the selection of most appropriate antifouling coatings for fishing vessels operating in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea

  • Refik Ozyurt

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


This PhD thesis focuses on biofouling of fishing vessel hulls and investigates theimpacts of biofouling on ships’ frictional resistance “in real” conditions, specificallyfor industrial fishing vessels operating in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea coatedwith different types of paints.As part of the PhD study, face to face interviews with the fishermen were conductedin order to understand their awareness about the impact of the biofouling and thecoating selections. Following that, an extensive and systematic experimental study wascarried out for investigating the impacts of two different antifouling coating systems,namely foul release (FR) and self-polishing copolymer (SPC) coatings. Staticimmersion tests were conducted for SPC antifouling coatings. Eight differentantifouling coatings were applied on immersion test panels and immersed for over ayear. Biofouling accumulation on the panels was observed periodically. Next, variousantifouling coating patches were applied on a fishing vessel to compare performancesof the SPC coatings under the same conditions after a year of operation. Then, shiptests results were compared with the static immersion tests results. Finally, case studieswere employed with the data generated from the static immersion tests for three fishingvessels operating in two different locations equipped with either trawl or purse seine.Results showed that although most of the fishermen are aware of the penalties causedby the biofouling, a significant number of fishermen have limited knowledge on theimpacts of the biofouling. Furthermore, results also showed that biofoulingaccumulation shows different characteristics among the same antifouling coatings andamong the different antifouling strategies (Foul release vs self-polishing copolymercoatings). In addition to that, ship test results showed similar results (insignificantdifferences) in comparison to case studies conducted in the Black Sea.
Date of Award14 Mar 2022
Original languageEnglish
Awarding Institution
  • University Of Strathclyde
SupervisorOsman Turan (Supervisor) & Mehmet Atlar (Supervisor)

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