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Formulation of a conceptual framework for maintenance strategies : a case study on UK North Sea oil and gas industries

Author: Adenusi, T., 20 Apr 2017

Supervisor: Quigley, J. (Supervisor) & Akartunali, K. (Supervisor)

Student thesis: Master's Thesis

Formulation of non-ionic surfactant vesicles for therapeutic delivery of siRNA in cancer treatment

Author: Ali Radi Obeid, M., 1 Oct 2017

Supervisor: Ferro, V. (Supervisor) & Tate, R. (Supervisor)

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis

Formulations and valid inequalities for Economic Lot Sizing Problems with Remanufacturing (ELSR)

Author: Syed Ali, S. A. B., 12 Oct 2016

Supervisor: Akartunali, K. (Supervisor) & Van Der Meer, R. (Supervisor)

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis

Four-wave mixing in rubidium vapour with structured light and an external cavity

Author: Offer, R. F., 1 Oct 2018

Supervisor: Arnold, A. (Supervisor) & Riis, E. (Supervisor)

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis

FPGA implementation of adaptive filters

Author: Hanson, M., 26 May 2016

Supervisor: Stewart, R. (Supervisor) & Weiss, S. (Supervisor)

Student thesis: Master's Thesis

Fracture analysis in marine batteries by peridynamic theory

Author: Wang, H., 24 Jan 2019

Supervisor: Oterkus, E. (Supervisor) & Barltrop, N. (Supervisor)

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis

Framework for assessing stability challenges in future converter-dominated power networks

Author: Yu, M., 11 Sep 2018

Supervisor: Dysko, A. (Supervisor) & Roscoe, A. (Supervisor)

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis

Framing, explaining and forming the National Improvement Framework

Author: Coutts, L., 28 May 2019

Supervisor: Adams, P. (Supervisor) & Wall, K. (Supervisor)

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis

From Pittsburgh to Pressburg : the transatlantic Slovak national movement, 1880-1920

Author: O'Donnell, S., 20 Mar 2018

Supervisor: Heimann, M. (Supervisor) & Varley, K. (Supervisor)

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis

From the land of Genesis : deploying short story form to explore the fictionalization of narratives from veterans returning home

Author: O'Shea, S., 1 Oct 2017

Supervisor: Colin, M. (Supervisor) & Kinloch, D. (Supervisor)

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis

From welfare to work : the impact of the jobseeker-adviser relationship on objective employment outcomes

Author: Butler, J., 27 May 2020

Supervisor: Lindsay, C. (Supervisor) & Scholarios, D. (Supervisor)

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis

Functional and mathematical analysis of the glyoxylate shunt in Streptomyces coelicolor

Author: Reumerman, R., 2 Feb 2016

Supervisor: Herron, P. (Supervisor) & Hoskisson, P. (Supervisor)

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis

Functionalisation of hollow gold nanosperes for use as stable, red-shifted SERS nanotags in bio-imaging

Author: Moreton, S., 10 Feb 2016

Supervisor: Graham, D. (Supervisor) & Faulds, K. (Supervisor)

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis

Functional laminar architecture of rat primary auditory cortex following acoustic trauma

Author: Khodai, T. J., 27 Mar 2015

Supervisor: Sakata, S. (Supervisor) & Pratt, J. (Supervisor)

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis

Future power system dynamic frequency response under high penetration levels of wind

Author: XIA, J., 29 Apr 2015

Supervisor: Dysko, A. (Supervisor) & Booth, C. (Supervisor)

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis

Gallium nitride light-emitting diode enabled visible light communications

Author: Ferreira, R., 12 Oct 2017

Supervisor: Dawson, M. (Supervisor) & Martin, R. (Supervisor)

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis

Game theoretical offshore container port competition

Author: KURT, I., 11 Mar 2018

Supervisor: Boulougouris, E. (Supervisor) & Turan, O. (Supervisor)

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis

Gaussian process models for SCADA data based wind turbine performance/condition monitoring

Author: Pandit, R., 29 Mar 2019

Supervisor: McMillan, D. (Supervisor) & McDonald, A. (Supervisor)

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis

Gender inequality regimes in Scotland : a study of senior women managers

Author: MCDONALD, I. B., 17 Jun 2015

Supervisor: Scholarios, D. (Supervisor) & Newsome, K. (Supervisor)

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis

Generalising plans to influence landscapes for robust agent execution in virtual worlds

Author: Dicken, L., 7 Sep 2016

Supervisor: Levine, J. (Supervisor) & Coddington, A. (Supervisor)

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis

General perturbations methods for orbit propagation with particular application to orbit lifetime analysis

Author: Kerr, E., 8 Jan 2019

Supervisor: Macdonald, M. (Supervisor) & Biggs, J. (Supervisor)

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis

Generating and interrogating crystallographic data to predict solid-state properties

Author: Silva de Moraes, L., 16 Aug 2019

Supervisor: Kennedy, A. (Supervisor) & Johnston, B. (Supervisor)

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis

Generation, acceleration and measurement of attosecond electron beams from laser-plasma accelerators

Author: Weikum, M. K., 29 Mar 2018

Supervisor: Sheng, Z. (Supervisor) & Jaroszynski, D. (Supervisor)

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis