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Effect of Crotalus ruber ruber and Agkistrodon piscivorus leucostoma venoms on the dissemination of A2780 ovarian cancer cells in vitro

Author: Ibtisam Gheith Kaziri, I., 2 Jun 2017

Supervisor: Ferro, V. (Supervisor) & Rowan, E. (Supervisor)

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis

Synthesis and characterization of novel organic semiconducting materials for organic field effect transistors (OFETs) and photovoltaics (OPVs)

Author: Arumugam, S., 2 Apr 2015

Supervisor: Skabara, P. (Supervisor) & Ulijn, R. (Supervisor)

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis

Operational issues related to the integration of renewable generation in distribution networks

Author: Alsokhiry, F. S. S., 14 Feb 2016

Supervisor: Lo, K. (Supervisor) & Ault, G. (Supervisor)

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis

Optimisation of 405 nm HINS-light technology for the development of patient-safe decontamination in arthroplasty surgery

Author: Ramakrishnan, P., 19 May 2016

Supervisor: Grant, M. (Supervisor) & MacLean, M. (Supervisor)

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis

Influence of missing explanatory variables and longitudinal assessments in breast cancer clinical trials

Author: Procter, M. J., 13 Jun 2016

Supervisor: Robertson, C. (Supervisor) & Gettinby, G. (Supervisor)

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis

Three essays on information, volatility, and crises in equity markets

Author: Clark, S., 16 Oct 2015

Supervisor: Perman, R. (Supervisor) & Stevens, J. (Supervisor)

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis

Process physiology of antibody producing mammalian cell lines in batch and extended batch cultures

Author: Nurzila Binti Ab Latif, N., 14 Sep 2018

Supervisor: McNeil, B. (Supervisor) & Harvey, L. (Supervisor)

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis

Regulation of prostaglandin receptor expression in human monocytic cells following inflammatory activation

Author: Kashmiry, A. A. A., 29 Apr 2016

Supervisor: Rotondo, D. (Supervisor) & Gray, A. (Supervisor)

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis

Data-based vibration structural health monitoring methodology fro composite laminated structures

Author: Garcia Cava, D., 19 May 2016

Supervisor: Trendafilova, I. (Supervisor) & Saafi, M. (Supervisor)

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis

Foreign reserves strategic asset allocation : a Bayesian approach

Author: Santoso, T. B., 4 Jan 2017

Supervisor: Fletcher, J. (Supervisor) & Paudyal, K. (Supervisor)

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis

Numerical investigation of freak wave effects on offshore structures

Author: Sun, M., 7 Apr 2016

Supervisor: Incecik, A. (Supervisor) & Srinil, N. (Supervisor)

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis

Novel text entry and mobile interaction techniques for Arabic language users

Author: El Batran, K. M. M., 25 Sep 2015

Supervisor: Dunlop, M. (Supervisor) & Soraghan, J. (Supervisor)

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis

Supply chain risk management : exploring an integrated process for managing interdependent risks and risk mitigation strategies

Author: Qazi, A. J., 5 May 2017

Supervisor: Quigley, J. (Supervisor) & Dickson, A. (Supervisor)

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis

The design, synthesis and optimisation of phosphoinositide-3-kinase (PI3K) inhibitors as potential anti-inflammatory agents

Author: Hardy, C., 30 Jun 2014

Supervisor: Kerr, W. (Supervisor) & Suckling, C. (Supervisor)

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis

Feedforward wind turbine control design using LIDAR

Author: Wang, M., 10 Sep 2015

Supervisor: Leithead, W. (Supervisor) & Yue, H. (Supervisor)

Student thesis: Master's Thesis

CFD modelling and validation of a large 2-stroke marine diesel engine

Author: Jin, W., 25 Apr 2015

Supervisor: Vassalos, D. (Supervisor) & Jasionowski, A. (Supervisor)

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis

Pore-scale dynamics of immiscible two-phase flow on porous and fractured media

Author: Gu, Q., 17 Oct 2019

Supervisor: Zhang, Y. (Supervisor) & Dempster, W. (Supervisor)

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis

Advancing alkali metal dihydropyridine chemistry : syntheses, structures and applications

Author: Orr, S. A., 20 Sep 2017

Supervisor: Mulvey, R. (Supervisor) & O'Hara, C. (Supervisor)

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis

Development of a minimally invasive sliding hip screw

Author: Gilroy, D., 19 May 2016

Supervisor: Riches, P. (Supervisor) & Wheel, M. (Supervisor)

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis

Investigating the scalability of incoherent OCDMA systems based on ultrashort optical pulses

Author: Osadola, T. B., 31 Jul 2015

Supervisor: Glesk, I. (Supervisor) & Andonovic, I. (Supervisor)

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis