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Children referred for additional support for literacy difficulties : their views of being included

Author: Reilly, T., 16 May 2019

Supervisor: Moscardini, L. (Supervisor) & Ellis, S. (Supervisor)

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis

Drama convention approaches and primary-secondary transition : pupils' and teachers' views

Author: Barlow, W. D., 28 Sep 2017

Supervisor: Ellis, S. (Supervisor) & Moscardini, L. (Supervisor)

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis

Palmitoylation in neurodegeneration : analysis of cysteine-string protein mutants linked with neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis

Author: Diez Ardanuy, C., 24 Mar 2017

Supervisor: Chamberlain, L. (Supervisor) & Bushell, T. (Supervisor)

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis

Photovoltaic system design and control

Author: Zakzouk, N. E. E. M. A. M., 10 Sep 2015

Supervisor: Williams, B. (Supervisor) & Holliday, D. (Supervisor)

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis

Investigation of cavitation influence on propeller-rudder-hull interaction

Author: Yilmaz, N., 1 Mar 2019

Supervisor: Atlar, M. (Supervisor) & Oterkus, E. (Supervisor)

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis

Optical properties and biological applications of fluorescent gold nanoclusters

Author: Zhou, H., 7 Jan 2016

Supervisor: Chen, Y. (Supervisor) & Birch, D. (Supervisor)

Student thesis: Master's Thesis

Inhibition of the DHHC superfamily : development of chemical tools

Author: McLellan, J., 26 Sep 2019

Supervisor: Tomkinson, N. (Supervisor) & Chamberlain, L. (Supervisor)

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis

Parliamentary sovereignty : constitutional theory and practice from a Scottish perspective

Author: Gray, E., 30 Oct 2019

Supervisor: McCorkindale, C. (Supervisor) & Webster, E. (Supervisor)

Student thesis: Master's Thesis

A data analytic approach to automatic fault diagnosis and prognosis for distribution automation

Author: Wang, X., 10 Oct 2017

Supervisor: McArthur, S. (Supervisor) & Strachan, S. (Supervisor)

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis

Numerical investigation of freak wave effects on offshore structures

Author: Sun, M., 7 Apr 2016

Supervisor: Incecik, A. (Supervisor) & Srinil, N. (Supervisor)

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis

Evaluation of the mechanisms of neurotoxcity using metabolomic strategies

Author: Alanazi, I. M. M., 26 Apr 2019

Supervisor: Grant, M. (Supervisor) & Watson, D. (Supervisor)

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis

The development of gold nanorod arrays in alumina as a substrate for multi-analyte SER(R)S sensing

Author: Caldwell, E., 25 Jul 2019

Supervisor: Berlouis, L. (Supervisor) & Wark, A. (Supervisor)

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis

Hollow fiber poly(vinyl chloride) (PVC) gas separation membranes prepared by dry/wet spinning production methods

Author: Jones, C. A., 7 May 2015

Supervisor: Shilton, S. (Supervisor) & Hall, P. (Supervisor)

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis

A molecular simulation study of amorphous solid water under extraterrestrial conditions

Author: MCCANN, J., 30 Jan 2015

Supervisor: Sweatman, M. (Supervisor) & Fraser, H. (Supervisor)

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis

Using forensic science in major crimes investigation : a preliminary review of limiting factors

Author: EDO, C. N. A., 27 Jul 2017

Supervisor: Fraser, J. (Supervisor) & Yusuf, H. (Supervisor)

Student thesis: Master's Thesis

Formation of electronic contracts of sale and its impact on Iraqi traditional commercial contracts

Author: AHMED, M. H. A., 5 Oct 2018

Supervisor: Clark, B. (Supervisor) & Edwards, L. (Supervisor)

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis

Framing, explaining and forming the National Improvement Framework

Author: Coutts, L., 28 May 2019

Supervisor: Adams, P. (Supervisor) & Wall, K. (Supervisor)

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis

On ultrasound elastography : simulation, experiment, and algorithm development

Author: Al-Azawi, A., 31 Jul 2015

Supervisor: Soraghan, J. (Supervisor) & Glover, I. (Supervisor)

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis

Conflicts and security in West African sub-region : a critique of the interwoven conflicts; Liberia and Sierra Loene

Author: Idegwu, J. C., 19 May 2015

Supervisor: McGrew, A. (Supervisor) & Chan, W. (Supervisor)

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis

Delegated private set intersection on outsourced private datasets

Author: Kheirbakhsh Abadi, A., 24 Mar 2017

Supervisor: Dong, C. (Supervisor) & Terzis, S. (Supervisor)

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis

The effect of corporate social responsibility on firm's foreign direct investement

Author: Liu, M., 5 Nov 2018

Supervisor: McColgan, P. (Supervisor) & Marshall, A. (Supervisor)

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis

Molecular analysis of MAP kinase kinase signaling in Leishmania

Author: Alenzi, B. M. S., 6 Dec 2019

Supervisor: Wiese, M. (Supervisor) & Carter, K. (Supervisor)

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis

Wavelength agnostic WDM strategies for avionic telecommunications

Author: Murphy, T. E. B., 27 May 2015

Supervisor: Johnstone, W. (Supervisor) & Michie, W. (Supervisor)

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis