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Mitochondrial regulation of vascular smooth muscle cell proliferation and migration in atherogenesis and re-stenosis

Author: Al Sulti, Z. S. R., 1 Oct 2016

Supervisor: Coats, P. (Supervisor) & McCarron, J. (Supervisor)

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis

Assessment of ship cargo liquefaction

Author: Ju, L., 1 Mar 2016

Supervisor: Vassalos, D. (Supervisor) & Incecik, A. (Supervisor)

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis

Opening the black box of the health technology assessment process at NICE

Author: Noble, S., 1 Jul 2011

Supervisor: Coulson, A. (Supervisor) & Cooper, C. (Supervisor)

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis

Phytomedical studies on the Amazonian traditional medicine "Chuchuguasa" (Maytenus laevis Reissek)

Author: Mouad, H., 1 Mar 2015

Supervisor: Ferro, V. (Supervisor) & Gray, A. (Supervisor)

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis

Chemical and molecular analysis of Libyan desert plants used in camel feed

Author: Ben Zaed, S. A. S., 1 Oct 2015

Supervisor: Ferro, V. (Supervisor) & Tate, R. (Supervisor)

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis

A Mie-based flow cytometric size and real refractive index determination method for natural marine particle populations

Author: Agagliate, J., 1 Aug 2017

Supervisor: McKee, D. (Supervisor) & Hunt, N. (Supervisor)

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis

Investigating the scalability of incoherent OCDMA systems based on ultrashort optical pulses

Author: Osadola, T. B., 1 Oct 2013

Supervisor: Glesk, I. (Supervisor) & Andonovic, I. (Supervisor)

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis

Optical properties and biological applications of fluorescent gold nanoclusters

Author: Zhou, H., 1 Oct 2012

Supervisor: Chen, Y. (Supervisor) & Birch, D. (Supervisor)

Student thesis: Master's Thesis

Regulation of prostaglandin receptor expression in human monocytic cells following inflammatory activation

Author: Kashmiry, A. A. A., 1 Feb 2015

Supervisor: Rotondo, D. (Supervisor) & Gray, A. (Supervisor)

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis

CFD analysis of unsteady hydrodynamic loading on Horizontal Axis Tidal Turbine (HATT) blades

Author: WANG, X., 1 Dec 2013

Supervisor: Day, A. (Supervisor) & Khorasanchi, M. (Supervisor)

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis

Distributional fixed point equation model of island nucleation processes during submonolayer deposition

Author: Krcelic, H., 1 Oct 2017

Supervisor: Mulheran, P. (Supervisor) & Grinfeld, M. (Supervisor)

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis

Multi-dimensional thermal response and permeability characterization for porous ablative materials

Author: Renato, V., 1 Oct 2017

Supervisor: Dempster, W. (Supervisor) & Lappa, M. (Supervisor)

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis

Assessment of anteroposterior knee joint laxity and tibial rotation using non-invasive navigation in healthy volunteers

Author: Alho, R., 1 Dec 2014

Supervisor: Rowe, P. J. (Supervisor) & Riches, P. (Supervisor)

Student thesis: Master's Thesis

Low-complexity low-rate residential non-intrusive appliance load monitoring

Author: altrabalsi, H., 1 Feb 2016

Supervisor: Stankovic, V. (Supervisor) & Andonovic, I. (Supervisor)

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis

Computer simulation of the growth of ice structures under astronomical conditions

Author: Miller, J. A., 1 Oct 2010

Supervisor: Hunt, N. (Supervisor) & Hourahine, B. (Supervisor)

Student thesis: Master's Thesis

A comparison of the electrophysiological properties of sodium channels in cardiomyocytes of the rat pulmonary vein and atrium

Author: Hutchison, L., 1 Oct 2014

Supervisor: Rowan, E. (Supervisor) & Drummond, R. (Supervisor)

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis

A novel zonal adaptive DG anti-islanding protection scheme to enhance future system stability using real-time inertia estimates

Author: Cao, X., 1 Oct 2014

Supervisor: Burt, G. (Supervisor) & Booth, C. (Supervisor)

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis

On the evaporation of sessile droplets

Author: Stauber, J., 1 Apr 2015

Supervisor: Wilson, S. (Supervisor) & Duffy, B. (Supervisor)

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis

Nonlinear optical effects in cold atomic gases

Author: McKelvie, J., 1 Apr 2013

Supervisor: Robb, G. (Supervisor) & Arnold, A. (Supervisor)

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis

Theoretical analysis of a fractal ultrasonic transducer using renormalisation

Author: Algehyne, E., 1 Aug 2017

Supervisor: Mulholland, A. (Supervisor) & Knight, P. (Supervisor)

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis

Experimental and numerical assessment of a tidal turbine control strategy

Author: Harrold, M., 1 Oct 2016

Supervisor: Clelland, D. (Supervisor)

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis

The application of SOA for dispersion management of 2D-WH/TS codesin incoherent OCDMA system

Author: Ahmed, M. S., 1 Sep 2017

Supervisor: Glesk, I. (Supervisor) & Stankovic, V. (Supervisor)

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis

Formulation of non-ionic surfactant vesicles for therapeutic delivery of siRNA in cancer treatment

Author: Ali Radi Obeid, M., 1 Oct 2017

Supervisor: Ferro, V. (Supervisor) & Tate, R. (Supervisor)

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis