Working with boys and girls

M. Smith, L. Steckley

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    Whilst most people who come into contact with boys and girls in any capacity wouldattest to some differences in the ways they behave and in how they are respondedto, the whole area of gender difference is not one that has been developed much insocial work thinking. Part of the reason for this is understandable from an ideologicalstandpoint.Effective child care requires that practitioners work with the equal but differentneeds of boys and girls. In this, a balance must be struck between understandingdifference (in order to help) and perpetuating stereotypes. Staff need to consider theindividual needs and preferences of young people rather than responding to themsolely as boys or girls.
    Original languageEnglish
    Title of host publicationSecure in the Knowledge: Perspectives on Practice in Secure Accommodation
    PublisherUniversity of Strathclyde
    Number of pages9
    ISBN (Print)190074323X
    Publication statusPublished - 2005


    • child care
    • child abuse
    • social workers
    • secure accomodation


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