Wave energy extraction for an array of dual-oscillating wave surge converter with different layouts

Yong Cheng, Chen Xi, Saishuai Dai, Chunyan Ji, Margot Cocard

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Array configuration of oscillating wave surge converter (OWSC) devices in nearshore is a preferable option for realizing a cost-balance of extracting wave energy and reducing installation expense due to closer installed place to coastline. The goal of the present work is to assess energy extraction of an array of dual-OWSC system with different layout schemes in comparison with an isolated OWSC, which can be regarded as a guideline for multi-array configuration in realistic wave farm. The coupled three-dimensional (3-D) hydrodynamic model is established based on the potential flow theory with fully nonlinear boundary condition in time domain. A non-dimensional approach is conducted to focusing on the accurate effects of multi-body interaction, wave nonlinearity, wave resonance, mechanical damping, layout scheme and oblique incidence as optimization design. For a front-back array system, wave resonance in dual-module gap enhances significantly the energy extraction of the front OWSC but does not contribute much to that of the back OWSC. Furthermore, wave resonance in wide gap has a positive effect on the capture efficiency in large wave periods. An in-line array system has a beneficial performance in small wave periods, while a staggered array system realizes more energy extraction in resonance region. A strong wave disturbance between flap sides of an in-line and staggered system, leads to the increase of energy extraction for the back OWSC with imposing small incident wave heading. Therefore, the combination of multi-triple-array OWSC with different gap distances will provide a desirable configuration which is independent on oblique wave conditions.
Original languageEnglish
Article number116899
Number of pages18
JournalApplied Energy
Early online date16 Apr 2021
Publication statusPublished - 15 Jun 2021


  • oscillating wave surge converter
  • wave resonance
  • wave energy extraction
  • oblique waves
  • array configuration


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