Varietal classification of rice seeds using RGB and hyperspectral images

Samson Damilola Fabiyi, Hai Vu, Christos Tachtatzis, Paul Murray, David Harle, Trung Kien Dao, Ivan Andonovic, Jinchang Ren, Stephen Marshall

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Inspection of rice seeds is a crucial task for plant nurseries and farmers since it ensures seed quality when growing seedlings. Conventionally, this process is performed by expert inspectors who manually screen large samples of rice seeds to identify their species and assess the cleanness of the batch. In the quest to automate the screening process through machine vision, a variety of approaches utilise appearance-based features extracted from RGB images while others utilise the spectral information acquired using Hyperspectral Imaging (HSI) systems. Most of the literature on this topic benchmarks the performance of new discrimination models using only a small number of species. Hence, it is unclear whether or not model performance variance confirms the effectiveness of proposed algorithms and features, or if it can be simply attributed to the inter-class/intra-class variations of the dataset itself. In this paper, a novel method to automatically screen and classify rice seed samples is proposed using a combination of spatial and spectral features, extracted from high resolution RGB and hyperspectral images. The proposed system is evaluated using a large dataset of 8,640 rice seeds sampled from a variety of 90 different species. The dataset is made publicly available to facilitate robust comparison and benchmarking of other existing and newly proposed techniques going forward. The proposed algorithm is evaluated on this large dataset and the experimental results show the effectiveness of the algorithm to eliminate impure species by combining spatial features extracted from high spatial resolution images and spectral features from hyperspectral data cubes.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)22493-22505
Number of pages13
JournalIEEE Access
Early online date27 Jan 2020
Publication statusE-pub ahead of print - 27 Jan 2020


  • hyperspectral imaging
  • rice seed variety
  • spatio-temporal feature fusion


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