Validating dynamic tensile mechanical properties of sheet steels for automotive crash applications

Paul Wood, C.A. Schley, M.A. Buckley, B. Walker, T. Dutton

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A thin-wall open channel beam, fabricated from high strength Dual Phase sheet steel, subjected to 3-point bending and constant velocity boundary condition, is investigated to validate material performance for automotive crash applications. Specifically quantitative validation of material tensile data determined from high speed tests and component models, and qualitative validation of materials resistance to fracture. The open channel beam is subjected to quasi-static and increasing loading speed and in all cases, large displacement in which deformation involves formation of a plastic hinge. This paper describes development of test procedure, notably beam specimen design, measurement system and boundary conditions, using both experimental and numerical
techniques. The new test procedure, as a compliment to crush testing, will increase confidence in the modeling and application of new advanced higher strength materials in automotive crash structures
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages14
Publication statusPublished - May 2007
EventProceedings of 6th European LS DYNA Users’ Conference - Goteberg, Sweden
Duration: 29 May 200730 May 2007


ConferenceProceedings of 6th European LS DYNA Users’ Conference


  • material characterisation
  • crash material data
  • material validation
  • strain rate


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