Twelve minutes of love: a tango story

Kapka Kassabova

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This is one of the first books about tango culture written for the English language mass market.

"Tango is more than just a dance. It is a religion, a drug and a way of life. From an unlikely beginning in a dance studio in New Zealand, Kapka Kassabova quickly became hooked on the tango; her new-found passion took her to New York, Berlin, Paris, Edinburgh and, of course, Buenos Aires. The story of the tango is also the story of Argentina, and Twelve Minutes of Love examines the dance’s mixed Latin, European and African roots, its journey from the slums of Buenos Aires to the dance halls of almost every town across the globe where she meets and befriends a cast of unforgettable characters. With warmth, wit and a keen eye for the absurd, Kapka takes us behind the scenes of a global subculture and puts her own emotions, motives and 10-year long obsession with the tango under the microscope. More than a dance odyssey, this is a generation-defining story about what it’s like to be at once a cosmopolitan and a lost soul in the 21st century." (from press release)
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationLondon
Number of pages336
Publication statusPublished - 3 Nov 2011


  • dance
  • tango
  • culture
  • tanguero


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