Towards sustainable public park management in Cairo through facilities management: a conceptual review study

Dalia Aly, Zhen Chen, Branka Dimitrijevic

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Green spaces have a major role in achieving sustainability in cities and improving the quality of life of their residents. Despite their vital role, they do not receive proper attention and care in Cairo. In addition to their deteriorated condition, Cairo has a limited presence of green spaces and public parks that are poorly distributed. Improving and protecting green spaces in Cairo requires a shift in how they are approached and managed. This paper introduces the concepts and principles of facilities management (FM) to public park management (PPM) in Cairo. It specifies the connection between the two in terms of the expected differences between managing buildings and public parks, and how FM concepts can be applied to meet sustainable PPM requirements. Previous FM theoretical research was reviewed for the conceptual analysis of FM characterising concepts. FM and PPM were compared qualitatively to show connections and expected differences. Observations, interviews, and questionnaires were used to investigate the Cairo PPM problems. A FM framework to restructure the practice of PPM is synthesised based on the identified requirements in Cairo and FM knowledge. FM core concepts can provide PPM with a framework towards a sustainable management practice. By examining the parallels between FM and PPM, this research creates a theoretical basis for FM practice in sustainable PPM. Specified FM knowledge for PPM provides a generic approach to the practice that applies the core concepts of FM even without explicitly referring to the field and introduces FM to others who do not apply them, like in Cairo.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)35-47
Number of pages13
JournalGreen Building & Construction Economics
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 5 May 2023
EventSustainability GEN-4 Post COP 27 Conference 2023 - Cairo, Egypt
Duration: 29 Jan 202329 Jan 2023


  • public space
  • green space
  • public park
  • strategic management
  • operation
  • maintenance


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