Time-delayed single quantum repeater node for global quantum communications with a single satellite

Mustafa Gündoğan, Jasminder S. Sidhu, Daniel K. L. Oi, Markus Krutzik

Research output: Working paperWorking Paper/Preprint

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Quantum networking on a global scale is an immensely challenging endeavor that is fraught with significant technical and scientific obstacles. While various types of quantum repeaters have been proposed they are typically limited to distances of a few thousand kilometers or require extensive hardware overhead. Recent proposals suggest that space-borne quantum repeaters composed of a small number of satellites carrying on-board quantum memories would be able to cover truly global distances. In this paper, we propose an alternative to such repeater constellations using an ultra-long lived quantum memory in combination with a second memory with a shorter storage time. This combination effectively acts as a time-delayed version of a single quantum repeater node. We investigate the attainable finite key rates and demonstrate an improvement of at least three orders of magnitude over prior single-satellite methods that rely on a single memory, while simultaneously reducing the necessary memory capacity by the same amount. We conclude by suggesting an experimental platform to realize this scheme.
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationIthaca, N.Y.
Publication statusPublished - 7 Mar 2023


  • quantum networking
  • quantum communications
  • satellites
  • space-borne quantum repeaters
  • quantum key distribution (QKD)


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