The sciences, social studies and technologies: reinterpreting environmental studies

R. Collins, Frances Simpson

Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingChapter


The last four decades have seen the birth and demise of the term 'Environmental Studies' in Scottish education. It has been used to group together a number of subjects that are' grounded in the child's observation and investigation of his surroundings' (SED, 1965, p. 126). In its forty-year lifespan, it has appeared in a number of forms; but, with the rise in importance of Environmental Education pertaining to environmental issues such as global warming, it is perhaps timely that the term is being dropped. The current reworking of the entire Scottish curriculum under Curriculum for Excellence (CfE) has resulted in the establishment of Sciences, Social Studies and Technologies as discrete curricular identities, under the governance of the reinvigorated principle of wider inter-disciplinary study.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationScottish Education
Subtitle of host publicationBeyond Devolution
EditorsT. G. K. Bryce, W.M. Humes
Place of PublicationEdinburgh
PublisherEdinburgh University Press
Number of pages4
ISBN (Print)9780748625932
Publication statusPublished - Aug 2008


  • sciences
  • social studies and technologies
  • reinterpreting environmental studies
  • Curriculum for Excellence (CfE)
  • discrete curricular identities
  • inter-disciplinary study


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