La recepción de la literatura de la cultura inglesas en la Espana y del fin de siglo

Translated title of the contribution: The reception of the English literature of culture in Spain and the end of the century

J. Macklin

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    Spanish language article on the response to English culture and literature within Spain. There is material for a serious and thorough study of the topic. Sources of this study are several, but rare. First, we must take into account the work of previous critical readings of individual artists based on their personal libraries or specific references or echoes in their writing. In the case of French literature there are numerous studies of this type. While in the Russian, Italian, English and Scandinavian literature, only partial or sporadic studies exist. Another major source are translations of the time that can indicate the degree of importance of the work by any author in the view of some, but not guaranteed conclusions about its spread and impact on the Spanish words.
    Original languageSpanish
    Title of host publicationEnciclopedia Fin-de-Siglo
    EditorsJavier Blasco, Germán Gullón
    Place of PublicationMontevideo
    Publication statusPublished - 2002



    • english literature
    • spanish literature
    • scandinavian literature
    • language studies
    • spain

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    Macklin, J. (2002). La recepción de la literatura de la cultura inglesas en la Espana y del fin de siglo. In J. Blasco, & G. Gullón (Eds.), Enciclopedia Fin-de-Siglo Montevideo.