The EDEM methodology for housing upgrade analysis, carbon and energy labelling and national policy development

J A Clarke, Sabeeta Ghauri, C M Johnstone, J M Kim, P G Tuohy

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The ESRU Domestic Energy Model (EDEM) has been developed in response to demand from policy makers for a tool to assist in analysis of options for improving carbon and energy performance of housing across a range of possible future technologies, behaviours and environmental factors. A major challenge is to comprehend the large variation in fabric, systems (heating, hot water, lighting and appliances) and behaviours across the housing stock as well as uncertainty over future trends. Existing static models have limited ability to represent dynamic behaviour while use of detailed simulation has been based on modelling only a small number of representative designs. To address these challenges, EDEM has been developed as an easy to use, Web based tool, built on detailed simulation models aligned with national house survey data. From pragmatic inputs, EDEM can determine energy use and carbon emissions at any scale, from individual dwelling to national housing stock. EDEM was used at the behest of the Scottish Building Standards Agency and South Ayrshire Council to quantify the impact of upgrades including new and renewable energy systems. EDEM was also used to rate energy/carbon performance of dwellings as required by the EU Directive (EU, 2002). This paper describes the evolving EDEM methodology, its structure and operation then presents findings from applications. While initial EDEM projects have been for the Scottish housing stock the methodology is structured to facilitate project development and application to other countries.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages8
Publication statusPublished - 20 May 2008
EventeSim 2008 - Quebec, Canada
Duration: 20 May 200823 May 2008


ConferenceeSim 2008
CityQuebec, Canada


  • EDEM methodology
  • housing
  • carbon
  • energy labelling
  • national policy development
  • ESRU domestic energy model
  • energy conservation
  • upgrade analysis


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