The creation of emotionally attuned patterns through an analysis of line

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The creation of distinct pattern designs has been studied at the level of geometric transformations and culture, but its link with emotional experience is less well established. This paper seeks to reverse engineer the creation of pattern by examining the emotive status of abstract forms, in this case lines. By firstly establishing how line, shape and symmetry are the key building blocks of pattern and exploring the links between emotion and form perception, a study is presented designed to explore form expression and emotive meaning through the free-hand drawing of lines. The results of this study are then utilized to create a set of emotionally attuned pattern designs that are then subsequently analyzed in a separate study, establishing a link between form expression, emotional experience and pattern. These links are subsequently explored further and the implications for wider design practice and scholarship are discussed.


  • creation
  • emotionally attuned patterns
  • analysis of line
  • pattern
  • design
  • line
  • pattern design


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