The Clan MacQuarrie: a History

R.W. Munro, Alan MacQuarrie

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    From the vast Australian continent to a small island off the western coast of Scotland is the measure of the contrast to be found in the story of Clan MacQuarrie, as it is usually known in Scotland, or Macquarie, as they usually spell it 'down under' after the fashion adopted by its greatest clansman.1 For although it spread far and wide, and reached its zenith with the 'Father of Australia', the clan began in that cluster of isles to the west of Mull, the little kingdom which Scott's lines serve well enough to delimit. Ulva itself, about five miles long and extending to nearly 5000 acres, rises in terraces to just over 1000 feet, with basaltic colonnades and other impressive rock formations along the southern coast; MacQuarrie's (or Little) Colonsay, about 200 acres, is about a mile off its southwest shore, with Staffa of the cliffs and caves about three miles beyond. Part of Mull, chiefly the farm of Laggan or Lagganulva, was included in the MacQuarrie territory from the first, and Ulva's neighbour Gometra was sometimes held by one of the clan.
    Original languageEnglish
    Place of PublicationAuburn, Massachussets
    Publication statusPublished - 1996


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