Temperature dependent dynamics in a 1550-nm VCSEL subject to polarized optical injection

Nadir Ali Khan, Kevin Schires, Antonio Hurtado, Ian D. Henning, Michael J. Adams

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We report the first comprehensive experimental analysis on the dynamics of an optically injected 1550-nm vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser (VCSEL) over a wide temperature range going from 20° C to 60 °C We show the variations with temperature on the measured stability maps of the 1550-nm VCSEL when subject to parallel and orthogonal polarized optical injection and for different applied bias currents above threshold. The change in the shape of the stable locking region with temperature with the device subject to parallel polarized optical injection is attributed to the change of linewidth enhancement factor(α)In addition, we also show the changes of the polarization switching and locking regions with temperature for the case of orthogonal polarized optical injection. 

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)712-719
Number of pages8
JournalIEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics
Issue number5
Publication statusPublished - 2 May 2012


  • linewidth enhancement factor
  • nonlinear dynamics
  • polarized optical injection
  • vertical-cavity surface emitting lasers


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