Talking Walks: the creation of audio trails (memoryscape) and videos to facilitate a wider dissemination of oral history research

David Walker

Research output: Working paperCase study


The creation of a pilot memoryscape and video were made to demonstrate how the research undertaken by the SOHC can be disseminated more dynamically to wider audiences. For example, memoryscape can help deliver narratives on history, heritage and landscape and can be easily updated and used in many locations. It is envisaged that by utilising memoryscape there will be a greater engagement with the general public which will help to create impact beyond academia. It may also have potential for commercial application. The learning outcomes of this project will be of benefit for:
• expanding the skills base within the SOHC
• disseminating learning outcomes at future SOHC training seminars
• use within the forthcoming undergraduate oral history course
• use on new SOHC web pages
• use within future oral history projects.
Original languageEnglish
PublisherUniversity of Strathclyde
Number of pages12
Publication statusUnpublished - Feb 2012


  • oral history
  • memoryscape
  • audio trails

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