Systems and methods for performing analysis of a multi-tone signal

Andrew Roscoe (Inventor)

Research output: Patent


Representative embodiments are directed to systems and methods for processing analyzer trace data of a multi-tone signal to more accurately estimate the frequencies and amplitudes of the tones of the multi-tone signal. Specifically, trace data may be processed to determine peak trace points. For each identified peak point, an error minimization algorithm minimizes the sum of differences between a plurality of trace points surrounding the respective peak point and the predicted Fourier transform through a raised-cosine window of a theoretical tone. The result of the minimization algorithm identifies the amplitude and frequency of a tone of the multi-tone signal with appreciable degree of accuracy.
Original languageEnglish
Patent numberUS6873923
IPCG01R023/00; G06F019/00;
Publication statusPublished - 29 Mar 2005


  • multi-tone signal
  • signal analysis
  • fourier transform


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