Start to end simulations of the ERL prototype at Daresbury Laboratory

C Gerth, M Bowler, B Muratori, B Faatz, H L Owen, B W J McNeil

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Daresbury Laboratory is currently building an Energy Recovery Linac Prototype (ERLP) that will serve as a research and development facility for the study of beam dynamics and accelerator technology important to the design and construction of the proposed 4th Generation Light Source (4GLS) project. Two major objectives of the ERLP are the demonstration of energy recovery and of energy recovery from a beam disrupted by an FEL interaction as supplied by an infrared oscillator system. In this paper we present start-to-end simulations of the ERLP including such an FEL interaction. The beam dynamics in the highbrightness injector, which consists of a DC photocathode Gun and a superconducting booster, have been modelled using the particle tracking code ASTRA. After the booster the particles have been tracked with the code elegant. The 3D code GENESIS 1.3 was used to model the FEL interaction with the electron beam at 35 MeV. A brief summary of impedance and wakefield calculations for the whole machine is also given.
Original languageEnglish
Pages1643 - 1645
Number of pages3
Publication statusPublished - 2005


  • Daresbury Laboratory
  • Energy Recovery Linac Prototype (ERLP)
  • beam dynamics
  • accelerator technology
  • 4th Generation Light
  • Source (4GLS) project


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