Spare capacity modelling and its applications in survivable iP-over-optical networks

S. Al-Barrak, D.A. Harle

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As the interest in IP-over-optical networks are becoming the preferred core network architecture, survivability has emerged as a major concern for
network service providers; a result of the potentially huge traffic volumes that will be supported by optical infrastructure. Therefore, implementing recovery
strategies is critical. In addition to the traditional recovery schemes based around protection and restoration mechanisms, pre-allocated restoration represents a potential candidate to effect and maintain network resilience under failure conditions. Preallocated restoration technique is particularly interesting
because it provides a trade-off in terms of recovery performance and resources between protection and restoration schemes. In this paper, the pre-allocated
restoration performance is investigated under single and dual-link failures considering a distributed GMPLSbased IP/WDM mesh network. Two load-based spare capacity optimisation methods are proposed in this paper; Local Spare Capacity Optimisation (LSCO) and Global Spare Capacity Optimisation (GSCO).
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages6
Publication statusPublished - 2006
Event2nd European Modelling and Simulation Symposium - Barcelona, Spain
Duration: 2 Oct 20064 Oct 2006


Conference2nd European Modelling and Simulation Symposium
Abbreviated titleEMSS2006


  • IP over optical networks
  • pre-emption
  • pre-allocated restoration
  • survivability


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