Sentencing the corporate offender: Legal and social issues

Hazel Croall, Jenifer Ross, Cyrus Tata (Editor), Neil Hutton (Editor)

Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingChapter


Introduction - so what does 'and society' mean?, Cyrus Tata. Part 1 The International Movement Towards Transparency and 'Truth in Sentencing': Getting tough on crime - the history and political context of sentencing reform developments leading to the passage of the crime act, Judith Greene; A sentencing matrix for Western Australia - accountability and transparency or smoke and mirrors?, Neil Morgan; Mandatory sentences - a conundrum for the new South Africa?, Dirk van Zyl Smit; Are guided sentencing and sentence bargaining incompatible? - perspectives of reform in the Italian legal system, Grazia Mannozzi; Legislation and practice of sentencing in China, Liling Yue; Sentencing reform in Canada - who cares about corrections?, Mary E. Campbell. Part 2 The Truth About Public and Victim Punitiveness - What do we Know and What do we Need to Know?: Public knowledge and public opinion of sentencing, Mike Hough and Julian V. Roberts; Crisis and contradictions in a state sentencing structure, B. Keith Crew, Gene Lutz and Kristine Fahrney; Harsher is not necessarily better - victim satisfaction with sentences imposed under a 'truth in sentencing' law, Candice McCoy and Patrick McManimon Jr. Part 3 Measuring Punishment - Conceptual and Practical Problems and Resolutions: European sentencing traditions - accepting divergence or aiming for convergence?, Andrew Ashworth; What's it worth? - a cross-jurisdictional comparison of sentence severity, Arie Frieberg; Sentencing burglars in England and Finland - a pilot study, Malcolm Davies, Jukka-Pekka Takala and Jane Tyrer; A new look at sentence severity, Brian J. Ostrom and Charles W. Ostrom; Desert and the punitiveness of imprisonment, Gavin Dingwall and Christopher Harding; The science of sentencing - measuring theory and von Hirsch's new scales of justice, Julia Davis; Scaling punishments - a reply to Julia Davis, Andrew von Hirsch; Scaling punishments - a response to von Hirsch, Julia Davis. Part 4 Reason
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationSentencing and Society
Place of PublicationHampshire, England
Number of pages19
Publication statusPublished - 24 Jul 2002


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