Semiconductor switching assembly

Colin Davidson (Inventor), Ikenna EFIKA (Inventor), David Trainer (Inventor)

Research output: Patent


In the field of HVDC power converters there is a need for an improved semiconductor switching assembly which obviates the difficulties associated with main semiconductor switching elements having inherent limitations in their performance. A semiconductor switching assembly (10; 110) comprises a main semiconductor switching element (12, 112) that includes first and second connection terminals (14, 16) between which an active auxiliary circuit (20) is electrically connected. The auxiliary circuit (20) includes an auxiliary semiconductor switching element (22; 32; 38; 40; 42) and current capture element (24) that are connected in series with one another. The auxiliary semiconductor switching element (22; 32; 38; 40; 42) has a control unit (26; 126) operatively connected therewith. The control unit (26, 126) is configured to switch on the auxiliary semiconductor switching element (22; 32; 38; 40; 42) to divert into the current capture element (24) a reverse recovery current (I RR1 , I RRn ) that flows through the main semiconductor switching element (12; 112) while it turns off.
Original languageEnglish
Patent numberEP2955838B1
Priority date10/06/14
Filing date10/06/14
Publication statusPublished - 28 Mar 2018


  • HVDC power converters
  • semiconductor switching assembly

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  • Semiconductor switching assembly

    Davidson, C., EFIKA, I. & Trainer, D., 17 Dec 2015, IPC No. H02J3/18, H02J3/36, H02M7/483, H02M7/757, Patent No. WO2015189214A1, 9 Jun 2015, Priority date 10 Jun 2014, Priority No. EP14275135A

    Research output: Patent

    Open Access

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