Self-tuning diagnosis of routine alarms in rotating plant items

Jason Costello, Graeme West, Stephen Mcarthur, Graeme Campbell

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Condition monitoring of rotating plant items in the energy generation industry is often achieved through examination of vibration signals. Engineers use this data to monitor the operation of turbine generators, gas circulators and other key plant assets. A common approach in such monitoring is to trigger an alarm when a vibration deviates from a predefined envelope of normal operation. This limit-based approach, however, generates a large volume of alarms not indicative of system damage or concern, such as operational transients that result in temporary increases in vibration. In the nuclear generation context, all alarms on rotating plant assets must be analysed and subjected to auditable review. The analysis of these alarms is often undertaken manually, on a case- by-case basis, but recent developments in monitoring research have brought forward the use of intelligent systems techniques to automate parts of this process. A knowledge- based system (KBS) has been developed to automatically analyse routine alarms, where the underlying cause can be attributed to observable operational changes. The initialisation and ongoing calibration of such systems, however, is a problem, as normal machine state is not uniform throughout asset life due to maintenance procedures and the wear of components. In addition, different machines will exhibit differing vibro- acoustic dynamics. This paper proposes a self-tuning knowledge-driven analysis system for routine alarm diagnosis across the key rotating plant items within the nuclear context common to the UK. Such a system has the ability to automatically infer the causes of routine alarms, and provide auditable reports to the engineering staff.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 20 Jun 2011
EventThe Eighth International Conference on Condition Monitoring and Machinery Failure Prevention Technologies - Cardiff, United Kingdom
Duration: 20 Jun 201122 Jun 2011


ConferenceThe Eighth International Conference on Condition Monitoring and Machinery Failure Prevention Technologies
Country/TerritoryUnited Kingdom


  • rotating plant items
  • turbine generators
  • calibration
  • self-tuning control


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