Scotland Chikwawa Health Initiative - improving health from community to hospital

Tracy Morse, Kingsley Lungu, Salule Joseph Masangwi, Scatter Makumbi, Anthony Grimason, John Womersley, Peter West

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The Scotland Chikwawa Health Initiative is a three year
programme funded by the Scottish Executive
International Development Fund which aims to achieve
measurable reductions in major causes of disease and
death in four villages within the Chikwawa District of
Malawi alongside improving the hospital environment
for the good of both staff and patients. The initiative has
developed a holistic approach to health improvements
through the provision of infrastructure at both health
facilities and within communities, and training of
government personnel and community volunteers.
Specific areas targeted have included water and
sanitation, maternal health, and communicable disease
control with provision of training and materials to
facilitate interventions and health education. At the end
of the second year the programme has already seen
reductions in diarrhoeal disease (30% overall in target
communities), improved access to safe water, an increase
in the uptake of growth monitoring and immunisations in
children under the age of five years (15% increase since
training volunteers), improved safe delivery of babies
within the community (245 babies delivered safely in
target communities with 25 referred due to
complications) and increased community health activity
(training and integration of village health committees,
water point committees, traditional birthing attendants
and health surveillance assistants).
The programme hopes to act as a model for the District
to follow in other communities to achieve it’s obligations
under the Malawi Ministry of Health Essential Health
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)23-29
Number of pages7
JournalEnvironment & Health International
Publication statusPublished - 2008


  • scotland
  • Chikwawa
  • health initiative
  • health improvement
  • community
  • hospital

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