Scalable shared protection approach for mesh WDM-routed networks

Florence Touvet, D.A. Harle

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The paper proposes an approach for calculating the protection pool size on each link in a mesh WDMrouted
network. The protection pool evaluation is part of a shared protection scheme applied to a failure
dependent scenario and based on aggregated information dissemination. Two models based on a probabilistic
approach are proposed to provide a scheme that is scalable as the number of optical cross-connects (OXC),
fibres and wavelength multiplexing in a core network increases. Precisely, two models based on a binomial
and a beta-binomial distribution are presented. The evaluation of the models by simulation shows that both
models are attractive propositions to offer protected ¸-services that do not require an absolute protection
guarantee offered by (1:1) schemes or shared protection schemes requiring full network state information, or
using partial information but with less efficient use of the fibre utilisation.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages9
Publication statusPublished - 2004


  • mesh
  • shared protection
  • protection pool size,
  • partial information
  • WDM networks


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