René Massigli’s Mission to London, 1944–1954

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René Massigli’s considerable contribution to French diplomacy
began during the First World War. After being closely involved with
many significant developments in French foreign policy during the 5
inter-war years, Massigli then served alongside Charles de Gaulle
during the Second World War. Informed by his experience of the
1930s, he adopted a view of western European security that saw
him determined to promote greater co-operation between France
and Britain to withstand a potential German resurgence and a 10
looming Soviet threat. But following France’s efforts after 1950 to
promote European integration based on Franco-German cooperation,
Massigli re-defined his role of ambassador and openly
challenged French initiatives such as the Schuman Plan and, in
particular, the European Defence Community, not only because 15
they did not include Britain, but also because they threatened his
view of French security. This analysis assesses Massigli’s strategic
vision and his attempts to overcome the underlying constraints.
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JournalDiplomacy and Statecraft
Publication statusPublished - 2013


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