Rapid prototyping and performance analysis for cdma2000

M. De Nobili, R.W. Stewart, G.C. Freeland

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A cdma2000 physical layer compliant library for rapid prototyping and system modelling is presented in this paper. The CDMA2000Lib for SystemView simulation environment provides all the functionality required for transmitter and receiver design, building and testing. Different CDMA signal transmission scenarios are implemented and simulated using the library's functional blocks (or tokens), in order to describe its features and benefits. Single-pilot signals and signals with multiple code channels are generated and analyzed in the time domain. An estimation of the Error Vector Magnitude (EVM) parameter is computed for a non-linear system model, represented by a Traveling Wave Tube Amplifier (TWTA). The amplifier transfer function is described and the CDMA signal degradation is studied. A multipath Rayleigh fading channel model is considered and implemented to analyze and study the behavior of a traditional rake receiver demodulating a CDMA signal.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages4
Publication statusPublished - Jun 2004
Event15th IEEE International Workshop on Rapid System Prototyping - Geneva, Switzerland
Duration: 28 Jun 200430 Jun 2004


Conference15th IEEE International Workshop on Rapid System Prototyping


  • rapid prototyping
  • performance analysis
  • cdma2000
  • buildings
  • transmitters
  • system testing
  • signal analysis
  • prototypes
  • physical layer
  • multiaccess communication
  • libraries
  • fading


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