Production of powerful spatially coherent radiation in planar and coaxial fem exploiting two-dimensional distributed feedback

A.V. Arzhannikov, A.W. Cross, N.S. Ginzburg, Wenlong He, P.V. Kalinin, I.V. Konoplev, S.A. Kuznetsov, N.Y. Peskov, A.D.R. Phelps, C.W. Robertson, K. Ronald, C.G. Whyte

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Two-dimensional distributed feedback is an effective method of producing ultrahigh-power spatially coherent radiation from an active medium, that is spatially extended along two coordinates, including relativistic electron beams with sheet and annular geometry. This paper describes the progress in the investigations of planar and coaxial free-electron masers (FEMs) based on a novel feedback mechanism. The theoretical analysis of these FEM schemes was conducted in the frame of the coupled-wave approach and 3-D simulations and agrees well with the experimental data obtained in ldquocoldrdquo and ldquohotrdquo tests. As a result, the effective transverse (azimuthal) mode selection has been demonstrated under a transverse size of about 20-25 wavelengths, and narrow-frequency multimegawatt microwave pulses have been generated in the Ka- and W-bands.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1792-1800
Number of pages8
JournalIEEE Transactions on Plasma Science
Issue number9
Publication statusPublished - 9 Sep 2009


  • Free-electron maser
  • FEM
  • mode selection
  • powerful microwave radiation
  • 2-D distributed feedback
  • coherence
  • masers
  • microwave generation
  • Ka-bands
  • W-bands
  • coaxial free-electron maser
  • coupled wave
  • effective transverse mode selection
  • multimegawatt microwave pulse

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