Product code error protection of packetized multimedia bitstreams

V. Stankovic, R. Hamzaoui, Z.X. Xiong

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Sherwood and Zeger proposed a source-channel coding system where the source code is all embedded bitstream and the channel code is a product code such that each row code is a concatenation of a cyclic redundancy: check (CRC) and rate-compatible punctured convolutional codes (RCPC) and the column codes are Reed-Solomon (RS) codes. Re improve this system for wireless applications by efficiently reorganizing the source code into a set of independently decodable packets, which makes it more robust ill varying channels. We also give a linear-time algorithm for finding all optimal equal error protection for the resulting system. Experimental results show that the performance of our system significantly! outperforms that of the current slate-of-the-art in fading channels with varying statistics.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages4
Publication statusPublished - Sep 2003
Event IEEE International Conference on Image Processing - Barcelona, Spain
Duration: 14 Sep 200317 Sep 2003


Conference IEEE International Conference on Image Processing


  • image transmission
  • channels
  • compression


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