Producing of ultra fine-grained titanium blanks

Ruslan Valiev (Inventor), Hamit Salimgareyev (Inventor), V. Stolyarov (Inventor), Yan Beygelzimer (Inventor), Dmitry Orlov (Inventor), S. Synkov (Inventor), Aleksey Reshetov (Inventor)

Research output: Patent


NOVELTY - Method involves intensive plastic deformation with accumulated logarithmic extent of deformation e at least 4 and following thermomechanical processing provided by alternatively effectuated cold deformation at the extent of 30-90 % and intermediate and final annealing in temperature range of 250-5000 degrees C for 0.5-2.0 hours. Intensive plastic deformation of blank is performed by passing blank through die with helical channel of section extending perpendicular to pressing axis and uniform along the entire length of the axis. Inclination angle of helical line to pressing angle is variable along length or height of die and has zero value at its leading and tail parts. USE - Deformation and thermal processing of materials in mechanical engineering, airplane engine building and medicine for manufacture of semi-finished products from titanium. ADVANTAGE - Increased strength and plastic characteristics of material under process.
Original languageOther
Patent numberRU 2237109
IPCRussian Federation patent RU 2237109 Patent Int C1 index (7) C22F1/18
Priority date5/05/05
Publication statusPublished - 27 Sept 2004

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