Probing the micro world with lasers and ultrasound - some impressions and observations

Campbell McKee, Ian Armstrong, Alison Cleary, Graham Thursby, Stephen Pierce, Brian Culshaw

Research output: Contribution to conferenceSpeech


This paper will examine the principles and prospects for optically generated and detected ultrasound
in the context of the characterisation of microscale structures. The objective of the work
reported here has been to assess the applicability of this technique to implement non-contact
measurements of multiple mechanical parameters, particularly in plate-like samples. Parameters
of interest may include: layer thickness; layer modulus, Poisson ratio and density.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - Dec 2011
Event1st EOS Topical Meeting on Micro- and Nano-Optoelectronic Systems - Bremen, Germany
Duration: 7 Dec 20119 Dec 2011


Conference1st EOS Topical Meeting on Micro- and Nano-Optoelectronic Systems


  • probing
  • ultrasound
  • lasers
  • micro world
  • observations
  • impressions
  • microscale structures
  • non-contact measurements
  • multiple mechanical parameters
  • plate-like samples
  • layer thickness
  • poisson ratio and density
  • layer modulus

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