Pollution fears are misplaced while toxins thrive indoors air filters can reduce heart and lung disease, a new study reveals, because air quality is so poor inside modern houses

Stirling Howieson, Marisa Duffy

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Following the smoking ban, advocates of clean air might have believed that the battle was largely won. However, worrying new research highlights the pernicious effects of other life-threatening pollutants. Most worrying is the fact that these are pollutants that occur inside the home.A Danish study of non-smokers aged between 60 and 75 found that the use of an air filter in the home for only 48 hours improved vascular function in the participants as much as stopping smoking would do in a smoker. When the high-efficiency particle air (HEPA) filters were used to clean the air in the apartments of 21 older couples, their bloodvessel function improved by about 8%.
Original languageEnglish
Specialist publicationThe Herald
Publication statusPublished - 25 Feb 2008


  • architecture
  • pollution
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