POE + Monitoring including the 1st Scottish Passive House

Paul Gerard Tuohy, Gavin Bruce Murphy, Alison Cowie, Gokay Devici, Ingo Theoboldt

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Project has been running since March 2011.
• Three dwellings monitored include the first Scottish Passive house, a Low Energy House (no MVHR), and a 1950s dwelling; located in Dunoon, Scotland.
• Monitoring includes: energy use; internal and external conditions (Temperatures, RH and CO2 levels inside and temperature and solar radiation outside); and systems performance (including solar hot water).
• Post occupancy evaluation (POE) carried out through inspection and questionnaire.
• Energy used, CO2 and relative humidity levels compared.
• Operation of the different ventilation schemes highlighted.
• Costs and electricity tariffs highlighted.
• Learnings identified include ventilation, heat pump, solar and auxiliary hot water services.
• Improvements to current processes are suggested.
• POE and monitoring are essential feedback for the building design and construction process.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages25
Publication statusPublished - 24 Nov 2011
EventUK Passivhaus Conference - London, United Kingdom
Duration: 24 Nov 201125 Nov 2011


ConferenceUK Passivhaus Conference
CountryUnited Kingdom


  • dwelling
  • passive housing
  • Scotland
  • low energy buildings

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    Tuohy, P. G., Murphy, G. B., Cowie, A., Devici, G., & Theoboldt, I. (2011). POE + Monitoring including the 1st Scottish Passive House. UK Passivhaus Conference, London, United Kingdom.