Performance cycle analysis on turbo fan engine PW4000

Shray Benawra, Jiqiang Wang, Hong Yue, Georgi Dimirovsky

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This paper describes an effort to investigate and better define the capabilities of a modern mathematical solver in predicting the in on-design performance of a turbo fan engine PW4000. The results will validate the use of commercially available Object Oriented Programming (OOP) with C++ software tools for these problems and lead to a better understanding of the flow phenomenon within the inlet to the outlet in the engine. Better engine designs that enhance design-point operation and improve performance could result once confidence is gained in applying performance analysis tools to the component section of the PW4000 engine design process.
Original languageEnglish
Pages8844 – 8849
Number of pages6
Publication statusPublished - 28 Jul 2015
Event34th Chinese Control Conference (CCC2015) - Hangzhou, China
Duration: 28 Jul 201530 Jul 2015


Conference34th Chinese Control Conference (CCC2015)


  • design point
  • PW4000
  • turbofan engine
  • performance cycle analysis
  • cooling
  • design engineering
  • decision support systems
  • performance analysis tools


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