Outside the comfort zone: pedagogical learnings and critical reflections on futures for students

Nur Anisah Abdullah

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This report offers both pedagogical learnings and critical reflections based on a Futures Studies course developed for students at National Chung Cheng University 2016 International Summer school. The course focused first on learning futures methods (trend and emerging issues analysis, scenario modeling, and the Postnormal menagerie before turning to apply these tools toward the topic of globalization. The curriculum was designed for collaborative and transformative learning, but the course only allowed for six three-hour sessions. Can students without any prior knowledge be “lured” into futures? What changes in perception and awareness can such courses hope to produce? Outcomes were documented through on-site observations, group exercise results, and an end-of-course survey. In providing some insights as to the efficacy and impact of short courses, especially on diverse audiences with no prior knowledge, this report contributes toward understanding the ways with which futures tools and methods can enhance learning, broaden mindsets, and open up new modes of thinking about one's self in relation to global challenges.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages1
Publication statusPublished - 10 Nov 2016
EventGaming the Future(s): Pedagogies for Emergent Futures: Asia Pacific Futurists Network Conference - Tamkang University, Taipei, Taiwan, Province of China
Duration: 10 Nov 201611 Nov 2016


ConferenceGaming the Future(s): Pedagogies for Emergent Futures
Country/TerritoryTaiwan, Province of China
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  • Futures Studies
  • gaming
  • learning activities
  • future mental state
  • futures thinking


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