Nanosatellite experiments to enable future space-based QKD missions

Robert Bedington, Xueliang Bai, Edward Truong-Cao, Yue Chuan Tan, Kadir Durak, Aitor Villar Zafra, James A Grieve, Daniel KL Oi, Alexander Ling

Research output: Contribution to journalSpecial issue

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We present a programme for establishing the space worthiness of highly-miniaturised, polarisation-entangled, photon pair sources using CubeSat nanosatellites. Once demonstrated, the photon pair sources can be deployed on more advanced satellites that are equipped with optical links to establish a global space-based quantum key distribution network. In doing so, this work will also bring experimental tests of the overlap between quantum and relativistic regimes closer to realisation.
Original languageEnglish
Article number12
JournalEPJ Quantum Technology
Publication statusPublished - 18 Oct 2016


  • QKD
  • SPDC
  • CubeSat
  • nanosatellites
  • polarisation-entangled
  • highly-miniaturised
  • photon pairs
  • optical links
  • quantum key distribution
  • spontaneous parametric downconversion
  • small photon entangling quantum system

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