Multi-population adapative inflationary differential evolution

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In this paper, a multi-population version of Adaptive Inflationary Differential Evolution, which automatically adapts the crossover probability and the differential weight of the Differential Evolution, is presented. The multi-population algorithm exploits the use of different populations, and the local minima found by each population, to assess the distance between minima; a probabilistic kernel based approach is then used to automatically adapt the dimension of a bubble in which the population is re-initialized after converging to a local minimum. The algorithm is tested on two real case functions and on two difficult academic functions.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 13 Sept 2014
EventBio-inspired Optimization Methods and their Applications, BIOMA 14 - Ljubljana, Slovenia
Duration: 13 Sept 201413 Sept 2014


ConferenceBio-inspired Optimization Methods and their Applications, BIOMA 14


  • adaptive algorithms
  • differential evolution
  • global optimization


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