Method for deformation treatment of materials

Yakiv Beihelzimer (Inventor), Serhii Synkov (Inventor), Viktor Variukhin (Inventor), Dmitry Orlov (Inventor), Aleksey Reshetov (Inventor), Oleksandr Synkov (Inventor)

Research output: Patent


The method for deformation treatment of materials includes multiple intensive deformation of material with counterpressure without change of its section at the final stage of each deformation pass. Material is subjected to the combined deformation, first monotonic deformation, with deformation rate not less than 40 %, then - intensive alternating deformation with the number of deformation passes not less than two. In this case, monotonic and intensive deformations are conducted at a value of counterpressure, which is not less than the yield point of workable material. Intensive deformation is carried out by the method of alternating spiral pressing.
Original languageOther
Patent number68973 А, index (7) В21С23/00
IPCUkrainian Patent 68973 А, index (7) В21С23/00
Priority date24/11/03
Publication statusPublished - 16 Aug 2004

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