Metabolomics and dereplication studies of endophytic metabolites from some Egyptian medicinal plants in the search potential antimicrobial drugs

Ahmed Fares Tawfike, Ruangelie Edrada-Ebel, Roth Tate, Marc Diederich, Marc Schumacher, Richard Sawadogo, Carol Clements, Louise Young

Research output: Contribution to conferencePosterpeer-review


This study involved bioassay guided chromatographic isolation of three new natural compounds with 40 known bio-active metabolites from three endophytic fungi from different Egyptian medicinal plants. Identification of the strain has been achieved through molecular biological methods. Metabolomic profiling, using 2D-NMR and HR-ESIFTMS were done at different stages of the growth phase for both solid and liquid culture media. Dereplication studies were accomplished by utilizing the Mzmine software with the AntiBase database. The chemometric algorithms using SIMCA-P+ software were used to compare the active and inactive extracts and/or fractions in order to early predict the bioactive metabolites
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages1
Publication statusPublished - 23 Jun 2014
EventMetabolomics 2014 - Daiichi Hotel Tsuruoka and Marica/Washington Hotel, Tsuruoka, Japan
Duration: 23 Jun 201426 Jun 2014


ConferenceMetabolomics 2014
Other10th Annual International Conference of the Metabolomics Society. The Official Joint Conference of the Metabolomics Society and Plant Metabolomics Platform.
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  • bioactive metabolites
  • Egyptian medicinal plants
  • anti cancer drugs

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