Mechanical study on surface treated glass fibres after thermal conditioning

James Thomason, James Michael Ure, Liu Yang, Chih-Chuan Kao

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The study reported the mechanical properties of glass fibres conditioned at typical temperatures for thermoplastic processing. Single fibre and bundle tensile tests were used to characterise mechanical performance on water sized (known as unsized) and -aminopropylsilane (APS) sized glass fibres thermally treated up to 400ºC, respectively. The results from both tests showed that the strength of the silane sized fibres drops significantly when the fibres are heated above 300ºC for 15 minutes. On the other hand, unsized fibres exhibited a gradual linear decrease with increasing temperatures. The failure mechanism of the fibres was discussed in this study by further analysing the results in single fibre test using Weibull cumulative function.
Original languageEnglish
PagesPaper 314
Number of pages8
Publication statusPublished - 24 Jun 2012
Event15th European Conference on Composite Materials - Venice, Italy
Duration: 24 Jun 201228 Jun 2012


Conference15th European Conference on Composite Materials


  • glass fibres
  • thermal processes
  • tensile properties
  • silane coating


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