MABE methodological framework

Zoltán Baracskai, Jolán Velencei, Viktor Dörfler

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The MABE Methodological Framework aims to understand Value-Based Learning Organizations. The e-leaders (decision takers of these organizations) can only communicate using a hazy hierarchy of metaphors as the new ideas cannot be expressed using the old terminology. They and their organizations exist in a business world, in which the functioning is dominated by software; the employees are expected to be skilled searchers. We assume that the decision takers can change their attitude towards the set of expectations and their relations when facing a new solution; thus, they can achieve to get an objectionless solution. This requires a new mode of cognition, which we call the opportunistic browsing. Furthermore, they have to ensure that the decision they have taken is ethically correct, and as there is no single truth they need to adopt pluralistic ethics. The established framework is used to analyze the decisions of the e-leader, who keeps the original decisions to herself/himself and delegates the routine ones, thus achieving increased efficiency and effectiveness resulting in cost reduction and time savings.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages8
Publication statusPublished - Apr 2005
Event4th European Conference on Research Methods in Business and Management (ECRM 2005) - Paris, France
Duration: 21 Apr 200522 Apr 2005


Conference4th European Conference on Research Methods in Business and Management (ECRM 2005)
CityParis, France


  • value-based learning organizations
  • management
  • business communications
  • e-learning
  • decision making
  • business problem solving

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