Knowledge resources, management innovation and radical innovation

Nuran Acur Bakir, Faridah Binti Mustaffa Bakry, Kepa Mendibil

Research output: Contribution to conferencePaper


Technological advances and increasing globalization characterize the current business milieu and have radically transformed the competitive landscape. Strategic changes in the business environment, especially the development of management innovation for technology, are strong weapons with which to remain competitive and enhance performance. While the research on knowledge-based views (KBV) of the firm explains the role of knowledge resources in determining its innovation and performance, such research offers limited insight into how managers make changes in their organization, which could lead to radical, and management innovation. Based on a review of the knowledge-based view of the firm, and innovation management literature, this study examines the four knowledge resources (humanware, techware, infoware, and orgware that impact a firm’s management technological innovation and performance, and also how management innovation affects the success of SMEs and radical technological innovation. The analysis, based on data collected from 123 British High Technology SMEs, showed that the creation of an appropriate learning environment for innovation (humanware) and the better technological knowledge alignment (techware) contributed to the development of management technological innovation (MTI). Our model also specified that management innovation is an antecedent to radical technological innovation (RTI). The results also found that the indirect effects of techware and orgware on performance occur through management technological innovation (MTI).
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - Jun 2013
Event20th International Product Development Management Conference “re-enchanting technology” - Paris, France
Duration: 23 Jun 201325 Jun 2013


Conference20th International Product Development Management Conference “re-enchanting technology”


  • management innovation
  • radical innovation
  • knowledge resources
  • globalization
  • technological advances
  • infoware
  • orgware
  • humanware
  • techware


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