Knowledge, research and leadership in forensic science

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The papers in this special edition of Science & Justice include a number of the plenary and keynote presentations and abstracts of oral presentations from the 5th Triennial Conference of the European Academy of Forensic Science. The conference was held for the first time in the UK, at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow. The main theme of the conference was knowledge exchange - the cycle of knowledge creation, transfer and application - in this context, the transfer of knowledge from research to practice. The organising committee have sought to cover this entire cycle in generic sessions such as identification of objects, in addition to the more traditional discipline focused sessions, such as DNA and trace evidence. In taking this approach the committee were seeking to build on the aims of the last conference in Helsinki, and move towards an approach which links specialist knowledge i.e. forensic science and its many sub-disciplines, to its application in a broader investigative or criminal justice context. This process began before the commencement of the formal conference with ten workshops, led by subject experts which focused on the practical application of the specific subject involved.
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JournalScience and Justice
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  • forensic science
  • criminalistics
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