"It has very good intentions but it's not quite there yet": graduates' feedback of experiential learning in an MPharm programme Part 2 (TELL Project)

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In the United Kingdom (UK), undergraduate master of pharmacy (MPharm) students undertake experiential leaning (EL) as part of their curriculum. The purpose is to equip them with the necessary skills to enter the workforce, and it has been reported that EL helps develop clinical and core soft skills required of a pharmacist such as communication and interpersonal skills (Cox, 2016; McCartney & Boschmans, 2018; Nojima, Ravia, & Hongu, 2017; Prisco et al., 2017). Placements can also help students in determining their future career paths and network with the workforce (Owen & Stupans, 2009). With the changing healthcare model and the focus on patient-centred care, EL takes on greater salience.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages29
JournalStudies in Educational Evaluation
Publication statusAccepted/In press - 8 May 2020


  • feedback on education
  • pharmacy education
  • school of pharmacy

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