Intonational realization of the question-statement contrast in children with dysarthria and cerebral palsy

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Dysarthria in children with cerebral palsy (CP) is associated with suprasegmental problems. However, little is known about the children’s intonation abilities beyond acoustic measures and their use of intonation to mark linguistic functions such as the question-statement contrast. This study aims to describe how this group uses intonation to mark questions and statements.
Eight children with dysarthria and CP and eight typically-developing peers completed a picture description task eliciting question-statement contrasts. The utterances were analysed regarding the inventory and distribution of intonation patterns using the autosegmental-metrical (AM) framework of intonational analysis.
Both groups showed a variety of intonation patterns, but they used these differently to mark questions, with the CP group employing level tones instead of rises. Despite this difference, the children with CP successfully marked the contrast using different intonation patterns for questions and statements.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 20 Feb 2020
EventMotor Speech Conference 2020 - Santa Barbara, US
Duration: 20 Feb 202023 Feb 2020


ConferenceMotor Speech Conference 2020


  • cerebral palsy
  • dysarthria
  • children
  • intonation

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